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Moving abroad is a big project which can seem like a daunting task. That’s why at GAC International Moving, we strive to make this a stress-free experience with our dedicated and uncomplicated assistance when it comes to your relocation to Kuwait.
We execute a door to door service, including detailed survey reports, expert packing/crating and efficient forwarding of your goods. Comprehensive insurance is also available on all air and sea shipments.
Backed by our global network and in-depth local expertise, we are able to provide one of the best moving services available. Contact us today for a free quotation and we will tell you how we can assist you in your relocation.

Visa Requirements for Kuwait
Nationals from the Gulf Cooperation (GCC) have the right to enter and reside in Kuwait without undertaking any special requirements. GCC member countries include Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia. A regular visitors’ visa is valid for stays of up to 30 days and available for visitors holding a valid passport from one of the qualifying 34 countries. These include Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, America and the majority of members of the European Union.
Please note that passports including Israeli-, Egyptian- or Jordanian border stamps, as well as Israeli visas, may cause refused entry into the country.
For permanent expats which are non GCC citizens, an “Iqama” is required. This is the residence permit for Kuwait and is available as work-, domestic- and dependent visas, and requires the person to have a sponsor.
Kuwait visas are usually processed within 3 weeks, however we advise you to turn to your nearest Kuwait embassy for all types of visa inquiries in order to assure the most up to date information regarding your stay.

Cost of living in Kuwait
Even though Kuwait has no personal income tax, even for expats living and working in the country, the living costs may be relatively high since the majority of goods are imported which drives up the cost for basic necessities.

International Schools in Kuwait
Kuwait offers a broad variety of international schools, including Indian, Pakistani, American and British. Please note that government schools are only available for Kuwaiti children or children of educators, and are all taught in Arabic.
Fees at international schools are high and apart from basic tuition costs, parents will also need to pay for admission fees, school uniforms, text books and activities. Most schools offer bus transportation services which are available at an additional fee.
Admission requirements differ between schools and parents are therefore advised to contact their school of choice for specific details.
Due to a very high demand for international schooling in Kuwait, parents are advised to plan as early as possible. Waiting lists are a common conception

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