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    Moving to or from Canada


    Moving to or from Canada

    Moving to Canada 

    Relocation can be a stressful and complex process, what with the organising, packing and customs paperwork. GAC will smoothen the entire process for you with our end-to-end international moving and relocation services to ensure that you have a stress-free move.

    Whether you are moving to scenic Vancouver, the capital Ottawa, the most populous city Toronto, French-speaking Montreal, or anywhere in between, GAC has got you covered – door-to-door. As a FIDI-FAIM accredited international moving company, we partner with reputable and trusted partners in Canada to ensure that your goods arrive at your new home safely and efficiently. 

    Experience matters in the relocation business. Canada is one of GAC’s most popular move destinations and we relocate families there every week. Our Move Coordinator will advise you every step of the way, including guiding you through the complex customs formalities. If you are on a work visa to Canada, here are some of the documents you require*:

    • A copy of your passport
    • Detailed inventory in English/French
    • Advice notice / customs manifest – obtained from the moving company in Canada
    • Detailed valued list of items included in shipment
    • Ownership, possession and proof of use
    • Receipts for any new items
    • Previous airport or US/Canada border declaration papers (B4Ee/B15)
    • Liquor import declaration (if applicable)
    • Immigration papers (if applicable)
    • Landed immigrant application (if applicable)
    • Visa (if applicable)
    • Work permit (if applicable)
    • Letter of undertaking (not always necessary)
    • Valued list of items

    Other documents may be required depending on the items that you intend to bring with you.

    Moving from Canada

    It may look like a Herculean task, but with GAC’s experienced Move Coordinators, you’re in good hands.

    With GAC as your international relocation specialist, you can be sure that your move to the Middle East will be smooth and carefree. 

    So no matter if you are moving to or from Canada, contact us for a non-obligatory quote for your upcoming move.

    *As of August 2018

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