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    Although packing up your home for a move can help you evaluate what’s important for your new adventure, it can be upsetting, especially for young children and pets who may not understand what is happening to their home.

    There are also other considerations when undertaking a move such as; how do you protect delicate valuables and antiques, and how do you make sure you use the space in your crate or container as effectively as possible so you don’t pay more for carriage than you need to.

    This is where using the services of professional packers is invaluable. Not only can they advise you on specialist requirements prior to your move (such as moving artwork or pianos) but also provide skilled management from consultation to delivery at both origin and destination.

    They can also help with recommending the appropriate insurance and arranging for storage if required. In addition to all this, GAC is committed to protecting the environment and using recycled materials whenever possible. We also remove and recycle materials at the end of an unpack.

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