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    Moving to or from China


    Moving to or from China

    As an international moving company with more than 50 years of experience, we understand that relocating to a new country can be a stressful experience. GAC will assist you with your move to or from China, ensuring that your relocation process goes smoothly and your personal belongings reach their new destination safely.

    Moving to China

    As one of the biggest international movers in the relocation industry, GAC boasts a FIDI-accreditation, ensuring that you receive the highest quality range of services when you choose us. Navigating and understanding the customs regulations when relocating to any country can be a daunting and stressful task. We designate an experienced Move Coordinator for each of our clients, who will assist and make sure that the relocation process goes smoothly. FIDI's customs guide for China offers a detailed list of requirements for your move to the country.

    Here are a few points to note when relocating to China: an import permit is required for customs clearance of household goods, inventory packing list, and Employment Approval Letter.

    Moving from China

    As an established international moving company we offer our clients expert advice and prompt solutions, along with a team of professional movers and packers when the time comes to pack up your home. You can rely on GAC to help make your move as smooth and easy as possible, with our team ready to make sure that your valuables are treated with the utmost care and reach their new home safely - giving you peace of mind throughout your relocation journey.

    About China

    Officially the People's Republic of China, this is the world's most populous country, with a population of around 1.4 billion. It is also the world's third-largest country and is divided into 23 different provinces and five autonomous regions.

    China is a financial superpower with deeply entrenched traditions that seep into modern-day life. It's brimming with economic, cultural, and natural diversity, making it a popular destination to relocate to. The official language - Mandarin - is a complex language that is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. Along with this and its many unwritten cultural norms, it is very common for expatriates new to the country to experience some form of culture shock. Attempting to learn the language and social cues are a few ways you can make your transition to this Asian country easier.

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    At GAC, we offer our excellent end-to-end services and expert advice so that you are guaranteed peace of mind throughout your relocation journey. We are qualified to professionally assist you with your move. Our professional team of experts and tailor-made solutions ensure that we will support you throughout your transition.

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