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    Moving to or from Denmark


    Moving to or from Denmark

    GAC are FIDI-accredited movers and packers with over five decades of experience in the relocation sector. As an established international moving company in the Middle East, you can rely on us to provide you with expert advice, high-quality moving services and a qualified team that are ready to ensure your belongings reach their destination safely.

    Moving to Denmark

    Whether you're relocating to Denmark for work or in search of a new adventure, moving can come with its own set of challenges. Our moving specialists will advise you on the relevant import requirements when moving to Denmark, ensuring that you have a reliable partner to alleviate some of the stress of relocating. Whether you need customs clearance, delivery and unpacking services, or help with searching for a new home, our full-service and tailored approach will ensure that you receive all this and more.

    Moving from Denmark

    Moving to a new country can be a life-changing experience. No matter where your next destination is, GAC can assist you with your relocation - from start to finish. We draw from our decades of experience within the industry to ensure that you receive prompt, personalised and professional services that will make your move as stress-free as possible.

    GAC's professional Move Coordinators will advise you every step of the way, including guiding you through the complex customs formalities. Your designated coordinator is also ready to provide you with a bespoke orientation programme that includes information about the history and culture of your new home, making the transition easier.

    About Denmark

    The Kingdom of Denmark is a Nordic country in Northern Europe that consists of a peninsula, Jutland, and an island chain of 443 named islands. Along with plenty to explore, thanks to its rich Viking history and natural beauty, Denmark tends to attract expats due to its high quality of life, healthcare system, and happiness factor. According to a ranking conducted by the UN, Denmark comes in at a close second within their World Happiness Report.

    While not the most popular destination for expats compared to other European nations such as France and Italy, expatriates looking to enjoy the benefits of the Danish lifestyle are slowly coming around, with the number having increased to 770 000. The capital city of Copenhagen is the most populous city of Denmark and is home to nearly 2 million inhabitants.  

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    At GAC, we offer our excellent end-to-end services and expert advice so that you are guaranteed peace of mind throughout your relocation journey. We are qualified to professionally assist you with your move. Our professional team of experts and tailor-made solutions ensure that we will support you throughout your transition.

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