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    Moving to or from Greece


    Moving to or from Greece

    Whether you're moving to or from Greece, as accredited international movers and packers with over 50 years of experience, you can rely on GAC International Moving to make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Our highly skilled team of movers understands that you are moving memories and not simply belongings, taking the greatest care to transport your items to their new destination.

    Moving to Greece

    There's a lot that Greece has to offer, including idyllic beaches and countless work opportunities. No matter your reason for moving, we utilise our experience within the industry to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. As per FIDI Customs Guide, moving from a non-EU country to Greece may require different documentation including authorisation and declaration forms.

    Our dedicated team is ready to help you navigate this stressful process with a full-service and tailored approach that meets your needs. Whether it’s customs clearance or delivery and unpacking services, we are only a call away.

    Moving from Greece

    Any big move can be a challenging and stressful experience without the right moving company by your side. As a FIDI-accredited moving company, we offer a professional team of experienced Move Coordinators that will help guide you through the process. Whether you're searching for good schools or need help finding a new home, we provide guidance and solutions that will fit your family and budget.

    About Greece

    With its rich history, bustling cities, and sun-kissed islands, Greece provides an idyllic setting for those who choose to move here. Located in Southeast Europe, it's considered the cradle of Western civilization and is the birthplace of the world's first democracy, which dates back to the 5th century B.C.

    With its 227 inhabited islands, mesmerising beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and perfect weather, Greece has become an extremely popular destination for expats looking to experience all this and more.

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    At GAC, we offer our excellent end-to-end services and expert advice so that you are guaranteed peace of mind throughout your relocation journey. We are qualified to professionally assist you with your move. Our professional team of experts and tailor-made solutions ensure that we will support you throughout your transition.

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