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    Moving to or from Japan


    Moving to or from Japan

    GAC is a professional FIDI-accredited relocation company that will assist you with your move to Japan. While relocating can be great, it can also come with its own set of challenges. You can be rest assured that GAC is ready to utilise its more than five decades of experience as international movers to ensure that your new journey goes smoothly.

    Moving to Japan

    Whether you are relocating to Japan for work or looking to make a life change, our highly skilled and professional moving team will guide you through the entire process. As a registered member of the world's leading international moving associations, including IAM (International Association of Movers) and FIDI (International Federation of International Movers), we offer a range of premium services that include surveys, packing/unpacking, customs clearance and door-to-door services. We guarantee your beloved items will reach their destination safely.

    Whether you decide to utilise air or sea as your mode of transport, GAC is ready to lend a helping hand that includes a comprehensive, door-to-door marine transit insurance package that safeguards your possessions.

    Moving from Japan

    There are various factors to consider when choosing a reliable international moving company. Some of these include whether they are accredited, provide premium end-to-end services and offer insurance advice when it comes to your move. GAC offers all this and more with a tailored approach that ensures you receive the best service that meets your requirements and suits your budget.

    As recognised international movers, GACs experienced team is ready to ensure that your move from Japan is as seamless as possible. Your dedicated Move Coordinator will guide you through the various export regulations required for the transport of your belongings.

    About Japan

    Japan is an island country in East Asia that encompasses five main islands and offers expats the chance to indulge in delicious cuisine, beautiful destinations in nature, exciting and modern cities, and rich ancient culture. Japan's high salaries and high quality of life are additional factors that attract foreigners to the Land of the Rising Sun. However, the Japanese lifestyle does come with a steep price, as the cost of living can be an expensive one, especially for expats.

    This island nation has a population of around 127 million, with 2 million of these being expats. The capital city of Tokyo is the economic centre of the country and is the most populous prefecture of Japan. The cities of Yokohama and Osaka follow close behind, with many foreigners relocating to these bustling metropolitans. While many Japanese people, especially in urban areas, know some English, because Japanese culture is largely centered on showing respect, it's best to learn the language to help fit in and make life in Japan easier.

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    At GAC, we offer our excellent end-to-end services and expert advice so that you are guaranteed peace of mind throughout your relocation journey. We are qualified to professionally assist you with your move. Our professional team of experts and tailor-made solutions ensure that we will support you throughout your transition.

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    Note: All information is correct at the time of publication.

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