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The Republic of Singapore (City State) is widely considered Asia’s most business-friendly country and the gateway to ASEAN. Many heavyweight multinational firms including Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft have set up regional headquarters in Singapore.

With so many foreign companies operating out of Singapore, it comes as no surprise that expatriate movement into and out of the nation is significant. It has also been ranked the “Most Expensive City in the World” for 6 consecutive years by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), sharing the top spot with Hong Kong and Paris in 2019. This is largely in part due to one expense – the cost of buying a car. Although car and home ownership are expensive, the country is still consistently regarded as a haven for expats due to its affordable and delicious local cuisines, efficient and well-connected public transportation, high quality healthcare and education, safe environment and high standard of living.

If relocating to Singapore, be prepared for a treat for your taste-buds. Singapore is home to many Michelin starred restaurants, but also known for its hawker culture, with stalls offering a myriad of local delights and international cuisines at affordable prices.

Unsure of what to eat, where to stay or which schools to choose if you’re moving to Singapore? Contact GAC. We work with reliable moving companies in Singapore to ensure a stress-free relocation for you and your family. Whether you need a straight-forward move with packing/unpacking and customs clearance of your belongings, or a full-service destination service package including country orientation, home/school search, and departure services, GAC will tailor a service package to your needs.

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