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    Moving to or from the UAE


    Moving to or from the UAE

    GAC is a professional FIDI-accredited moving company that will assist you with your move to or from the United Arab Emirates. As international movers, we boast over 50 years of experience within the relocation sector and will provide our highest standards of professional assistance for your relocation needs.

    Moving to The UAE

    Relocating to the UAE is a major step for you and your family. You need a reliable moving company to be with you every step of the way for a stress-free move. After receiving and clearing the shipment at the destination port, our expert team will deliver and unpack your belongings at your new home or office. If it is not ready to move into, we can offer flexible long- and short-term storage solutions at our warehouses throughout the UAE. 

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    Moving from the UAE

    Our long history in the UAE enables us to manage your relocation with our end-to-end services, including customs clearance, freight forwarding, moving and packing, and destination services. What’s more, our Move Consultants, themselves expatriates, understand and anticipate your every need so you can have complete peace of mind in entrusting your move to us.

    As experienced villa movers in Dubai and across the Emirates, no matter where your final destination is on leaving the UAE, our expert team will guide you through the various customs requirements both here in the UAE and on arrival in your new home country.

    About the UAE 

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of Emirates consisting of Abu Dhabi (the capital), Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. GAC was one of the first foreign companies to set up in Dubai in the late 1960s.

    The country’s large and vibrant expatriate community makes more than 80% of the population. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, considered to be the country’s business hubs, are two of the most popular Emirates for expats.

    Housing, established international schools, healthcare facilities, amenities and lifestyle activities are aplenty. However, selecting the right place to live in can be bewildering, especially when you have to consider the many different factors including cost, location, housing types, lifestyle preferences and more. Your dedicated GAC relocation consultant can offer advice and recommendations based on your needs.

    The UAE has a modest dress code - non-Emirati females are encouraged to cover their knees and shoulders in public. When visiting mosques, religious sites or older parts of the city, it is advisable for both men and women to wear loose-fitting clothes that cover the shoulders, arms and legs. Headscarves are required for women when entering mosques. 

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    At GAC, we offer our excellent end-to-end services and expert advice so that you are guaranteed peace of mind throughout your relocation journey. We are qualified to professionally assist you with your move. Our professional team of experts and tailor-made solutions ensures that we will support you throughout your transition.

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    Note: All information correct at the time of publication.

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