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    Best areas to move to in Doha

    When relocating to Doha, the major factor that determines which neighbourhoods you consider is whether you are moving with family or alone. For families, being near schools, good hospitals and entertainment venues is a must. If you are moving alone, a smart urban centre is ideal for easy living. 

    Below is a guide to some of the best neighbourhoods in Doha. 

    • Madinat Khalifa

    Dotted with plenty of schools and kindergartens, the Madinat Khalifa area is perennially popular with expatriate families. With multiple housing styles and accommodation options, the area has something for all budgets. The nearby Landmark Mall, Lulu Hypermarket, Dahl Al Haam Park, and Ezdan and Gulf Malls offer lots of easily accessible entertainment options to keep the whole family occupied. 

    • Al Waab & Aspire 

    Tucked far away from the waterfront, far from the hustle-bustle of central Doha, the Al Waab area is designed to function as a city within a city. It is close to the Villaggio Mall and the Aspire Zone Park, where families can make the most of different sporting facilities, entertainment options, restaurants and parks. Schools and nurseries are nearby, and combined choice of compounds and stand-alone villas offer residents multiple options to suit their living style in this highly sought-after area. 

    • Abu Hamour

    With Doha College, Doha British School and Park House English School, and a host of nurseries and kindergartens nearby, the Abu Hamour area is ideal for families looking for good housing on a budget. Abu Hamour also offers a choice of new compounds, as well as stand-alone villas, and has its own huge farmer’s market that is very popular with locals and expatriates. 

    • West Bay

    One of Doha’s more luxurious residential areas, the West Bay Lagoon offers choices ranging from tall apartments buildings and luxurious waterside villas. With the pristine beaches of the iconic corniche always in view, residents enjoy the practical convenience of an excellent retail experience at the City Centre Mall, the presence of government buildings and embassies in the diplomatic conclave, and easy access to offices and hotels in the business district. While traffic does tend to build up at peak hours, this area’s urban city vibe more than makes up for it, making it an ideal choice for young expats.

    • The Pearl

    One of Doha’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, The Pearl has earned the nickname ‘Riviera Arabia’ for the premium waterfront lifestyle it offers to residents. High-end international retail boutiques and hotels line its world-famous 3.5km walkway, La Croisette. The pedestrian boardwalk breaks off into numerous avenues that house lavish villas and towering condo buildings. Residents get the best of both natural and urban delights at this coastal development. 

    • Al Saad

    With the Al Saad Football Club at the heart of this neighbourhood, this older, but still popular area of Doha builds upon a bustling residential vibe. Located near the city centre, the Al Saad area is more popular with single expats, or couples without children. It is also a commercial hub which boasts numerous restaurants, shops, schools, and local businesses. 

    • Al Wakrah

    The Al Wakrah area offers residents a laid-back pace, and sanctuary from the noise and traffic of downtown Doha. Situated some 20 minutes from the city centre, this coastal residential area is not only affordable, but is also close to the Al Wakrah Heritage Village, souk and corniche. Residents are often seen taking leisurely walks with strollers and kids in tow. With schools, the Al Wakrah Hospital and grocery centres also nearby, residents are within driving distance of everyday amenities. 

    If you are moving with your family, one thing to keep in mind is to identify the school you are interested in, and then find suitable accommodation nearby. 

    To get a lay of the land, or to get real ground information on some of the best areas to move into, give us a call and we’ll help guide you through the process. 



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