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    Best areas to move to in Kuwait

    Kuwait is a top choice for many expatriates considering working and living abroad – so much so that the global community outnumbers locals. 70% of its 4.7 million population are expatriates.

    If you’re considering moving to Kuwait for employment, you will be thinking about where to make your home. You’re probably weighing a number of other factors together, like what kind of neighbourhood would suit your lifestyle, where your children will go to school, and how traffic affects your commuting time to your office.

    It’s a lot to think about on top of planning your move. The good news is, Kuwait has many neighbourhoods to choose from in Kuwait with an array of amenities to match your work and lifestyle needs. Read on and find out which one is best for you and your family. 

    • Kuwait City

    If you want to be in the heart of it all, consider settling in the capital, Kuwait City. Not only does this hub’s fresh job opportunities draw expertise from around the world, but it also has reliable security which means families can live there safely and take advantage of the area’s quality educational opportunities for their children.

    • Salmiya

    If you prefer to live in a quieter residential area, then consider Salmiya, with its relaxed neighbourhoods and terraced housing. Conveniently located near commercial areas, Salmiya residents can get everything they need to run a household, from groceries and housewares to retail items. Located on the southeast side of Kuwait and only a short distance from the capital, Salmiya is well-connected to the rest of the country by road, and it is easy to get from point A to B, for daily commuting and weekend leisure. 

    • Al Ahmadi

    Al Ahmadi is where the country’s oil trade, Kuwait’s biggest business is based. Built in 1946, the area has a distinctly American flair. Despite the industry and demanding work pace of the area, it also offers adequate green space, and it’s a fine choice to live if you want to be close to where you work. At the same time, Al Ahmadi is well-integrated with the rest of Kuwait and is connected by public transportation as well as main roads. 

    • Mubarak Al-Kabeer

    This upscale portion of Kuwait boasts a high standard of living, and is predominantly residential, including stylish detached homes, along quiet, gated, tree-lined streets. While Mubarak Al-Kabeer is not a business district, the retail and hospitality industry here is lively, and there are many leisure activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. Hotels, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options abound, and there is always an exciting activity to choose from to spend quality time with friends and family during the evenings or weekends. 

    • Salwa

    Expats from around the world choose to live in Salwa, giving the area its traditional yet multicultural vibe. An older part of Kuwait, this is reflected in the more traditional residential construction style. Here, there are peaceful and quiet neighbourhoods, so if you’re looking for calm at the end of your workday, then Salwa is a perfect choice. At the same time, this area is well-connected, and has all the required amenities to raise a family, including international standard schools and medical facilities.



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