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    Best international movers in Oman

    As one of the safest and more progressive countries in the Gulf region, Oman is home to a population of over 4 million people, a quarter of whom are expats. Considering the number of expats, you would imagine that there are many international movers in Oman, and you are right! The sheer number of options available can make it difficult to find the best international movers in Oman, but we have compiled a comprehensive guide to finding the best international movers in Oman to make sure you have the best international moving experience whether you’re moving to or from Oman.

    1. Do an internet search for the best international movers in Oman

    The first step you would take when searching for anything these days is to search for it online, and searching for the best international movers in Oman is no different. Your search term can be as simple as the title of this article: “best international movers in Oman”. However, you might need to refine your search slightly if you require specific moving solutions like packing and unpacking services, or storage services, or you might also want to add the country you are moving from or to.

    While this is the first step in finding the best international movers in Oman, it most certainly should not be the last. Honing down your search results is explained in the next few steps.

    2. Compare international movers’ reputation and reviews

    Nothing says more about a company than what customers have to say about them. Beyond checking a moving company’s website for information about their services, it’s also important to read customer feedback. . If the international moving company doesn’t have testimonials on their website already, you can check review platforms like Google reviews or Reviews.io. You can narrow this down even further by checking how long the international moving company has been in business for and the amount of countries they provide services in.

    3. Check the international movers’ accreditation

    There are very unique certifications that exist solely for the international moving industry, and they are taken very seriously, for good reason. Your belongings become their responsibility during an international or local move so they should be held at the highest standards. This is made possible through the following accreditation organisations:

    FIDI accreditation: Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux or the International Federation of International Movers is the largest global network of professional relocation and international moving specialists. Each member must comply with over 200 quality requirements in order to be accredited with the FIDI-FAIM certification.

    FAIM certification: is an independent audit that sets a common standard across the globe when it comes to international moves. Every facet of a moving company's operations and services to customers is scrupulously checked, such as operational procedures, staff training, vehicle and warehouse maintenance, data protection and risk and supply chain management.

    OHSAS 18001 certification: International Standards for Occupational Health and Safety ensures that your valuable assets as well as the people handling them are protected through a framework to identify, control and decrease the risks that are associated with Health and safety in the workplace.

    IAM membership: International Association of Movers (IAM) is a professional trade association with members in over 170 countries, who, through training, events and networking, are constantly gaining current, relevant information relating to international moves and how they can improve the customer's relocation experience.

    4. Compare international movers’ quotes

    Finally, you can request quotes from what is hopefully a significantly shorter list of the best international movers in Oman and decide which one suits your budget best. Make sure that all the services you require are offered in the quote and that an end-to-end service is provided from start to finish.

    GAC International Moving offers comprehensive moving solutions to and from 100s of international countries. We are rated one of the best international movers in Oman and we look forward to providing you with a free quote for your move to or from Oman. 

    Get in touch with GAC to find out for yourself why we are so highly rated!




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