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    Best shipping option for moving household goods to Canada

    Moving to another country is a task steeped in uncertainty. You have a ton of planning ahead of you and lots of decisions to make. While the stress and frenzy of the planning is enough to overwhelm you, budget constraints and efficiency are also important concerns. You want to make the right decisions, ones that are timely, cost-effective, and most appropriate for your situation. One of these decisions is the best shipping options for moving your household goods to Canada. 

    Read on to understand what shipping option is best for you.

    Can I compromise on quality for cost savings?

    The shortest answer to this question is a resounding ‘no’. To understand why let’s consider the market variables. 

    The market for international packers and movers provides you with a lot of options, each claiming to serve your best interests. While the customer-centric orientations are certainly reassuring, cheaper packages don’t necessarily provide the best value. 

    Like all companies, moving companies aim to maximise profits. If a company is offering a significant discount, remember that it’s not cutting into the firm’s profit margins, but is actually cutting costs. So, while the price tag may seem attractive, it’s likely going to lead to stress and delays down the line and may potentially mean that you have to pay additional charges at your destination which have not been included in your original quote.

    Which moving company should I opt for?

    With so many options on the market, you’ll need to shortlist the best companies in order to make your decision. To narrow down your options, find companies that have been accredited by the Federation Internationale des Demenageurs Internationaux (FIDI) . These international movers will provide quality services, although at a higher price point. But by opting for an accredited mover, your household goods are less likely to arrive without damage, loss, or unnecessary delay. In the unlikely event of breakages a FIDI mover will have all the systems in place to make sure that the situation is dealt with in a professional manner without causing you any unnecessary distress. 

    To further inform your decision, you can reach out to past customers. Reviews and word   of mouth is an important indicator of the value being provided by a moving company. Moving companies have a customer base that, in large part, consists of repeat clients and referrals. Reviews and past experiences of clients can indicate the quality of service being provided and also help guide your moving expectations. 

    Land, sea, or air?

    Your choice of shipping route will depend on your budget, distance from the destination, and how quickly you want your goods moved. If you’re moving to Canada from another continent, then the land route is obviously not an option.

    Between the sea and air routes, the sea is cheaper, although less timely in comparison to the air route. For example, if you’re moving your goods from Abu Dhabi to Toronto, it will take you up to 3 days via air and 24 days via sea. However, the air route will typically cost you five times more than the sea route. 

    Full container load (FCL) or less-than-container load (LCL)?

    By booking an FCL, you will basically own the entire container. Whereas, with LCL, you will have to share container space with other shippers.

    What option is better suited for your need will depend on how many goods you need shipped and how fast you want them to arrive at their destination. In selecting between the two options, you will also need to consider current freight volumes and rates. 

    After factoring in these points, you can plan out your move a lot better and choose the best option for shipping your household goods to Canada. Get in touch with us here to understand how we can help.



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