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    GCC AEO Certification adds new dimension to GAC International Moving excellence

    To keep pace with change in the rapidly evolving relocation industry, GAC’s International Moving offices in Dubai, UAE, and Qatar hold Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification, enabling them to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of procedural, security and financial benefits to the highest standards.

    The GCC AEO programme is a testament to the power of collaboration, leveraging the trust fostered between customs authorities and dedicated economic operators throughout the Gulf region, creating a synergy that offers many advantages for cross-border moving services. Rooted in the standards set by the World Customs Organisation, the programme exemplifies operational brilliance and an unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance.

    GAC Dubai: Setting a new standard for international moving excellence

    AEO certification reinforces GAC Dubai standing as a leader in the international moving services. Through streamlined processes, heightened security protocols, and financial facilitations, our dedicated team showcases unwavering dedication to the success and prosperity of our client's international relocations.

    GAC Qatar: Elevating international moving to new heights

    GAC Qatar's AEO certification marks a milestone in its commitment to international moving excellence, underlining our reputation as a trusted partner capable of delivering seamless cross-border moving solutions to clients worldwide.

    A journey of excellence

    Prior to being granted certification, GAC Dubai and GAC Qatar met, and exceeded, the safety and security standards and rigorous assessments outlined by the World Customs Organisation, underscores their steadfast dedication to operational excellence for international moving services.

    AEO certification benefits

    Certification brings multitude of benefits to both offices and their clients:

    • Streamlined verification of customs clearance documents, expediting the moving process.
    • Reduced sampling through advanced risk analysis, ensuring smoother transit.
    • Priority treatment for express line exports and imports, facilitating swift relocations.
    • Expedited inspections, ensuring efficient clearance.
    • Accelerated cargo clearance, optimising the moving timeline.
    • Option to request dedicated customs inspection locations and direct transfer of goods to warehouses, ensuring security and efficiency.
    • Recognition of Mutual Recognition Agreements ratified by the GCC Member States, simplifying moving across borders.
    • Access to specialised training opportunities through workshops and meetings organised by GCC customs administrations, enhancing moving expertise.
    • Designation of dedicated customs contact officers, ensuring smooth communication for moving-related matters.

    GCC AEO accreditation strengthens GAC’s commitment to delivering unparalleled international moving services locally and regionally, offering customers unwavering dedication to outstanding operations and client satisfaction.



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