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    Getting organised before your move

    The international move that for so long seemed so far away, a mere speck on the horizon, is now imminent, lunging into vivid view...front and centre. How can you prepare? What can you do to turn a potentially stress-ridden nightmare into a coordinated and cohesive smooth-running success? Well, a good start would be to carry on reading this article, because we’re going to share with you some essential tips and suggestions that will stand you in a good stead.

    • A trip to the consulate or embassy of your “soon-to-be” country of residence. Book yourself an appointment (if possible) and go prepared with a list of questions. Visa and work permit requirements, registration formalities, and vaccination requirements should all be essentials on that question list. It’s also worth asking if they have publications available to aid new residents. Don't forget your furry friends as well, if you have them. Ask about your new country’s policies with regard to pets being relocated to their shores. Should a consulate or embassy visit prove not possible or feasible, it’s well worth hitting up Google and navigating your way to the government website of the country to which you’re headed – these websites are usually relocation goldmines, packed full of just the kind of information you’re looking for.
    • Create a checklist. Sounds kinda obvious right? You’d be genuinely amazed at how many people don’t do it. The importance of a checklist can’t be overstated. Bring those many “to-do’s” together into one all-encompassing list. At first, it will be a daunting and - let’s be honest - scarily long list. But as you gradually start to tick tasks off, you’ll find yourself encountering a rapidly increasing feeling of contentment. That feeling? It’s peace of mind.
    • Budget, budget, budget. Not easy, admittedly, as dreaded spreadsheets and finance monitoring are not everyone’s cup of tea (with good reason), but a there’s huge upside if a move budget can be instigated and adhered to. Try to work out the very maximum the whole move can cost you. From there, keep track of confirmed and potential costs via quotations. Note when payments have been made. If this area is neglected, costs can very rapidly spiral out of control. If you can stay on top of things, you’ll save yourself money….it really is that simple.
    • Choose your international moving company wisely. Pick the right one and they’ll help to make your move a relatively stress-free experience. They’ll be there for advice and support throughout the entire moving process. Prep, actual relocation and post-move. Pick the wrong one and they’ll be a painful thorn in your side throughout. They’ll hinder, not help. Turning an already stressful experience into an apocalyptic nightmare. So, when you start your search, it’s a good idea to keep the following in mind:
    • What accreditations does the company have?
    • Do they provide insurance?
    • Make sure they cover the whole move. End-to-end.
    • Reputation. Seek out reviews and references.
    • Customs clearance experience. Make sure they have experience of shipping to your new country of residence.
    • Costs. Compare and contrast. Make sure you’re not being overcharged.

    Follow these steps and you’ll be well on the way to ensuring you’re hiring the right international moving company.

    • Miscellaneous. This tip is a bit of a hotchpotch of a few easily forgotten tasks that pretty much qualify as move essentials:

    -          Leave a forwarding address.

    -          Update your mailing address online.

    -          Close your accounts with utility providers.

    -          Think about the transition process between your current and future mobile provider.

    -          Collect and collate your medical records.

    -          Don’t forget to leave your keys!

    And there you have it. A  list of things to be considered when prepping for your big move. It’s no great revelation to acknowledge that international relocations are not easy. They’re stressful by their very nature….but they really don’t have to be traumatic nightmarish experiences to be remembered lifelong because of their hideousness. They can be smooth, organised and even exciting. It’s all in the preparation.



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