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    How long does it take to ship from Dubai to the US?

    No matter how many times you’ve done it before, moving houses is always a hassle – especially between countries and continents. Not only do you have to plan well in advance, but deciding between what’s going and what is staying behind can be tough. Add to that the long list of things to do such as bills to pay, deposits to collect, and all the stress of managing packing and moving timelines, so that you’re not left waiting on the other side, you’ve got a lot to handle in what can feel like a very short space of time. 

    Our customers have found that insight into the moving process can greatly help mitigate unnecessary hiccups and delays. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a helpful list of information on how long it takes to ship from Dubai to the US

    Read on to plan a smarter move. 

    Different modes of shipping determine how long it takes to ship from Dubai to the USA

    Whilst the thought of shipping trans-Atlantic seems intimidating, rest assured that professional moving companies are well equipped to confidently move your goods anywhere in the world. You can ship your belongings from Dubai to the US through sea or air. Of the two, air freight over cargo plane is quicker, and can get your belongings anywhere within the US in under a week. It is, however, the pricier option and is not advisable if you are moving on a budget. 

    Alternatively, shipping via sea is cheaper and can cost  almost five times less than air freight. A packed container of 20 or 40 feet takes six to eight weeks to reach most US destinations. Whilst the method of shipping is slower, it allows for more packing space. For example, shipping via sea is a great option for families looking to move their cars from the UAE to the USA, with left-handed vehicles common to both countries. 

    It is recommended to plan the shipment of your household goods a few weeks before leaving the UAE to help reduce the waiting period of your items arriving in the US and being delivered.

    Clearance at customs

    Embarkation in the UAE is usually through the port at Jebel Ali or from Khalifa Port. An experienced packing and moving company will advise you on items that can be held up and delay clearance at customs. Similarly, disembarkation and authorisations at US customs requires detailed inventories and declaration of all goods. Outsourcing your move to a seasoned and experienced company can therefore be critical in determining Dubai to USA shipping timelines.

    If this is your first time moving to the US, your moving company is not only in charge of carefully packing, insuring, and shipping your belongings, they are also serving as your guide and advisors. So, choose carefully who you trust! While there is still a lot of work to be done, outsourcing to professionals ensures that the packing and moving process will be completely taken care of.

    With decades of local and international experience, GAC is one of the few international movers equipped to help you enjoy a stress-free move to the USA. To find out how we can assist you or for further details on how long it takes to ship from Dubai to the US, click here



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