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    How much does it cost to move the UK?

    Whether you’re considering the benefits of heading back to the UK to avail home status university fees, or plain old missing Ol’ Blighty, it’s a good idea to take into account the costs of moving from the UAE. 

    An international move can be stressful, even for the most seasoned of expats. Figuring out what to take back with you, what to sell, how much space you’ll need, size of the container, or the type of freight to use, can all be daunting questions – each of which changes the costs involved in the move. 

    Here’s a few points to help you figure out the cost to move to the UK.

    What to take

    Everyone knows that a little bit of planning before a move goes a long way. If you need to get rid of stuff that may be of no value, now is the time. Arrange for garage sales or sell whatever you can online. Equally, if you’re moving home to the UK, now is the perfect opportunity to get that special, signature, Middle Eastern piece that you’ve been vying for, to take back with you. The difference in shipping price between a 3/4th-full container and a full container is negligible, but translates into almost eight cubic meters of household goods!

    Type of freight

    The UK and the UAE are approximately 7,700 km apart. Most companies calculate the cost of moving by taking the distance, size of the container and number of items to pack into consideration when offering a quote. Conservative, conventional estimates place the cost of moving 25 cubic meters (two-standard bedrooms) by sea from the UAE to the UK between AED 16,000 to AED 21,000 (plus insurance). This number is determined by the size of the freight, as well as, the way it is sent across. Crating of fragile items, like piano’s, tend to cost a little extra. Equally, parking and access at packing and delivery addresses determine if a container can be positioned, or if shuttle deliveries will be needed. This too can change the total on the final shipping bill. 

    Shipping by sea tends to be the cheaper option but takes longer – between six-to-eight-weeks’ (door to door). Shipping by air is a far quicker way to get your household goods across but is considerably more expensive. The cost of moving to the UK would, therefore, depend entirely on how soon you want your belongings there, and the method you use to send it across.

    Shipping your car?

    Most expatriates opt not to move their cars across to the UK. Cars are largely left-handed in the UAE. But if you’re a car enthusiast with a favourite vehicle that you just can’t do without, there are several shipping options open to you. If an importer can prove that he/she has owned the car for more than six months, and have lived out of the UK for over a year, they can import a car duty-free. Otherwise, importing a car into the UK factors in some taxes and duties.  This will also have an impact on your overall moving costs. Just be mindful to update yourself on the rules, regulations, and policies on importing a left-handed car into the UK!   

    What other services do you need?

    While there may be many companies offering a similar range of moving services, using a reputable company that’s well recommended and trusted will offer you the peace of mind that you just can’t put a price on. Don’t skimp on insurance and make sure it has been worked into the final quote. A vintage heirloom, for example, is a priceless piece that you don’t buy (or inherit!) every day. It’s a good idea to find out about the different kinds of coverage options. You can choose insurance that covers the cost of total loss of the vessel, or choose to individually insure pieces against routine damage due to the move. Bear in mind though that the insurance option you choose will affect the total cost of the move. 

    Well, there you have it! If you need more information on how to estimate costs to move to the UK, give us a call and we’ll help you make your move as stress-free as possible. 



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