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    How to Maximise Lump Sum for Your Relocation

    A lump sum relocation package allows you to freely plan and budget for your move, choosing the services that meets your moving needs. With the increasingly globalised reality of work and lifestyle today, companies are meeting these demands with diverse employee-friendly packages that are also cost-effective. If you have a move ahead of you, read on to learn how you can spend your lump sum relocation package, prioritise the right items, and get the most out of the budget allocated to you. 


    This is a task that many people are inclined to do themselves, but recognise a quarter of the way through that they have more belongings than they realised. With a relocation package, hire moving experts to do your packing as they have the organisational experience to pack your household items efficiently and safely. A reputable company will send over the right amount of labour power and quality packing materials and include customer representatives who will arrange a packing date that suits your timeline and coordinate your move. 

    Your new residence

    Finding a new home is one of the toughest responsibilities to try and accomplish from overseas. You can’t physically visit the properties you’d like to live in, so assessing whether they’ll be a good fit for your lifestyle from afar can be really stressful. What if you choose a place that you end up disliking? Avoid this cycle of anxiety by allocating some of your budget to a trusted property agency which understands your requirements and lifestyle, can vouch for the quality of amenities, and guide you through virtual tours. 


    Many people whose careers demand that they live internationally end up adopting pets which they become very attached to in their temporary homes. Moving or returning home with your pet is not impossible, but it can be a tricky system to navigate and costly. If you have a pet who has become a family member, consider allocating some of your lump sum relocation budget to a pet moving agency. These are companies which will assist you with finding the right airline, processing your pet’s ‘immigration’ documents, and ensuring that your furry friend is safely transported to their new home with you. 

    Different lump sum relocation packages 

    Packages work differently depending on the company. Your employer might provide you with a fixed amount of money from which you can budget and spend accordingly. Once it runs out, you’re responsible for covering any additional costs. Or, your company may offer a reimbursement option, in which you initially pay for moving costs, after which your human resources department will process your receipts and return the amounts to you. Some companies even offer to pay-as you-go for each of your moving expenses, within an allocated budget. Whatever the method, they all offer you the flexibility of prioritising aspects of your move that suits your budget and organisational requirements. 

    For more information on how to best budget your lump sum relocation package, get in touch with GAC.



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