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    Planning Your International Move

    Planning your international move can be rather daunting. You’re faced with several questions, like where will your children go to school, how can you transport your pets and can you find a suitable residence for you and your family. If you’re planning your international move, here are some points to consider before you start packing up. 

    • Visas, permits and other documentation 

    When planning your international move, paperwork always comes first! Sorting out visas and other mandatory documents should be your priority. Check the eligibility and entry requirements for all family members who will be relocating. A visit or phone call to the consulate of your destination country could help you gather information about these formalities from reliable sources, helping to ensure you don’t face any difficulties when you arrive at your new country of residence. 

    • Initial accommodation 

    You definitely don’t want to be stranded when you move to another country. Finding a hotel or an Airbnb at the last minute may work if you are single, but not if you have a family moving with you, especially with children, pets, or senior adults. 

    If you are moving with children, it is important to at least shortlist family-friendly neighbourhoods and conduct some research about the schools in the area when planning your international move. If you want to get them excited about the move, talk with your children and explain what they can expect in their new country. Or consider having senior family members and children arrive after you have established yourself with a residence to ease the strain. 

    • Pet relocation 

    Moving with a pet is tricky and requires numerous permits and permissions. Thankfully, experienced veterinary clinics, rescue organisations, and pet relocation services can assist you with international moves. It would also be wise to find out if pets are permitted where you’re looking to reside after you move. 

    Your pet must have all their vaccinations updated and be microchipped before they can be transported. Some airlines may not permit pets or have unusual restrictions, so it’s best to contact the airline well in advance. You will also have to invest in an internationally approved carrier, and inquire about boarding facilities and travel buddies if you plan to have your pet arrive after you have settled in. Once your pet arrives into the country, you will have to make sure you follow all the local rules and regulations, such as registering or obtaining a license. 

    Once you have managed to sort out all clearances and living essentials for your family, pets and yourself, it is time to focus on packing what you need for your new country of residence. After deciding what will travel with you and what will be shipped, you’ll want to consider booking a reliable moving company. 

    An experienced one should offer all-inclusive options as you are planning your international move, such as move management for international relocation, storage services including climate controlled storage for any temperature sensitive items, as well as insurance to protect you against all damages, risks and losses. 

    • Post-packing tasks 

    Once you have completed your packing and finalised transportation, it is a good time to start winding down in your current place of residence. You may be required to close bank accounts, terminate existing service contracts, update your change of address, obtain essential records and complete pending errands. 

    Whilst planning your international move can be exhausting, your worries can be eased if you plan well in advance and hire the right international mover to ease you into the transition. 

    If you’re planning your international move, give us a call and we’ll help guide you through the process.