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    What's the best way to ship your belongings from Dubai to the UK?

    Without a doubt, moving can be an expensive process. But cost isn’t the only thing to consider. You also want to consider what would be the best way for you to ship your belongings from Dubai to the UK. 

    Planning the shipment of all your family’s belongings to your new home is already a stressful experience, and if you don’t understand your shipping options, you’ll be creating more stress (and more expense) for yourself. Below we look at the three main options for shipping your belongings from Dubai.


    As you might expect, shipping by land is the lowest cost option, but it is generally limited to neighboring GCC countries, like Saudi Arabia and Oman. If you are shifting to another location in the region, land transportation could be an option. But if you’re moving farther away, like to the UK or Canada, you’ll have to choose between shipping by air or sea.


    Air shipment is the fastest option for your belongings. For example, it takes approximately 5 to 6 days to ship a container of household items from the UAE to the UK. However, that speed does come at a cost. Air is by far the most expensive option for shipping your belongings from Dubai. But, depending on your situation, it could be your best option, especially if you need your items quickly or would rather not stay in a furnished apartment, hotel, or with friends or family whilst you wait for your belongings to arrive.


    Shipping by sea is the most popular option for residents leaving the UAE; however, it does take longer than air. On average, the shipping time by sea from the UAE to the UK is approximately 6 to 7 weeks. You’ll need to consider how your family will make do whilst you wait for your goods to arrive.

    You’ll also need to consider the size of container you’ll need for your shipment and whether to choose individual or groupage shipping. With individual shipping, you’ll have your own container (a 20-foot container is enough for a 2- to 3-bedroom residence), whereas with groupage, you’ll share a container with others. The latter can be useful for smaller loads and those who aren’t pressed for time.

    Conducting some market research 

    Whatever shipping option you choose, you’ll need a reputable, reliable international movers to handle the process. To narrow the options down, find moving companies that have been accredited by the Federation Internationale des Demenageurs Internationaux (FIDI). Companies accredited by FIDI have both the material resources as well as the practical knowledge necessary to handle your belongings professionally. 

    To narrow down your list of moving companies further, get online. Read reviews posted by past customers. Don’t forget to talk to friends and family who have used moving companies to learn about their experiences. Repeat clients and referrals are a good indication that the moving company has the capabilities to ensure a smooth shipping process. 

    Special considerations

    If you have particularly fragile or valuable items, such as fine art or a piano, you’ll want to choose a moving company with experience transporting those types of goods. You’ll also want to ask about their door-to-door vs. port-to-port options. The former can include packing and handling customs paperwork whilst the latter generally only manages the shipping from the port of departure to the arrival port. 

    Arranging the shipping process for your family’s possessions can be exhausting. But by understanding your options and making an informed decision, you can determine what’s the best way to ship your belongings from Dubai to the UK. 

    If you’re planning your international move, give us a call and we’ll help guide you through the process.



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