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    Home relocation services to Bahrain

    So you’ve decided to settle in the Kingdom of Bahrain and you’re imagining your new life in the Arabian Gulf, but have you thought about what home relocation services to Bahrain you will need? Doing a quick internet search for moving companies isn’t enough these days to find comprehensive and certified home relocation services you can trust. Moving homes is stressful, but finding the right home relocation services shouldn’t be. Use this list of guidelines to help you find home relocation services to Bahrain that are tailored to your needs.

    Consider what home relocation services to Bahrain you need

    Regardless of where you are moving from, you will need a moving company that offers services in Bahrain, and there are many of them. This can make choosing a moving company difficult, especially if you don’t know what services you need. 

    Some important things to consider in terms of relocation service requirements are:

    • Door-to-door delivery with packing and unpacking services in the case of time constraints and work commitments;
    • Reputation and certification of moving companies to ensure premium quality services;
    • The size of your load and travel distance to your destination and availability of optimum delivery methods such as air, sea or road freight; 
    • The value of precious items for insurance purposes or specialist packing services for pianos, artworks and the like; 
    • Storage availability in Bahrain in case your new home isn’t ready when your cargo arrives; 
    • Settling-in and orientation needs such as finding a home or school, setting up utilities and opening accounts.

    Tailor-made home relocation services to Bahrain

    If you’ve managed to narrow down the type of relocation services you require, you will have a better idea of which moving companies to scratch off your list. If you find that you only require certain services but not others, it is best to find a moving company that can offer you a tailor-made home relocation package that suits your needs and your budget. This might include services such as packing and storage, but instead of door-to-door delivery, port-to-port delivery which is cheaper, and perhaps your load is small enough to use a shared shipping container, which will save you even more money. Either way, finding a relocation moving company that offers comprehensive moving solutions and customised home relocation packages is a huge benefit.

    Certification and reputation of home relocation services to Bahrain 

    Now that you’ve identified the services you require and perhaps found a few companies that offer those services, the most important next step is to check the reputation of the companies and ensure that they are FIDI/FAIM certified. 

    FIDI/FAIM accredited companies are considered to be the best international moving and home relocation specialists because they comply with over 200 quality requirements covering all aspects of an international move or relocation. Every facet of a moving company's operations and services to customers is meticulously audited, such as operational procedures, staff training, vehicle and warehouse maintenance, data protection and risk and supply chain management to ensure that they maintain the high quality standard required for certification. It is therefore advisable to choose a fully FIDI/FAIM accredited moving company in Bahrain so you know you are choosing the gold standard when it comes to home relocation services. Be wary of non-certified moving companies that offer cheaper services because they are not required to comply with the globally recognised quality standard of home relocation services and this could well cost you your valuable possessions. cargo.

    Searching primarily for FIDI/FAIM certified relocation services to Bahrain will also significantly reduce your search options, as only a handful of moving companies in Bahrain are fully accredited. Choosing a relocation company with a long service history in Bahrain and one that has received positive customer feedback will also help you make a final decision.

    Here at GAC we’ve been providing shipping, logistics and marine services in Bahrain for more than 60 years. Our home relocation experts in Bahrain draw on their in-depth local knowledge and strong strategic relationships with suppliers and authorities to ensure that your move goes smoothly, no matter where you’re moving from.

    You can trust in GAC International Moving to handle your relocation to Bahrain, from packing up your home in your origin country to handling customs clearance formalities efficiently and unpacking your belongings in your new home. 

    Contact us now to get started with your move to Bahrain.



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