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    How to move to the UK from the UAE

    The time to pack up and move is finally upon you. Whilst the soaring temperatures, little people at home, and endless list of things-to-do is long and intimidating - breathe, you’ve got this! With preparedness and some professional help from international movers, you will breeze through. 

    To get you started on how to move to the UK from the UAE, we’ve compiled a checklist to ease things along. 

    Get the paperwork sorted

    It pays to be organised with your paperwork. Now is the perfect time to get the kids’ and your own medical records updated. If there are any pending vaccinations, get them from your family doctor here, rather than once you move to the UK. 

    If you have a pet moving with you, having updated records eases transfer processes. With many families moving out of the UAE, it pays to keep in mind that your pet may be joining you a few months later. In that case, you will have to arrange for pet care options in Dubai. 

    Before you move you will also need to cancel subscriptions and collect your security deposits for services. This usually amounts to a considerable sum of money that you don’t want to lose! Similarly, cancelling water and electrical services, television and telephone subscriptions can take up precious time as all dues have to be cleared before you can leave the country. 

    If you are moving out of a villa community or an apartment building, you will also need to obtain entry permits for your packers from the management. Getting these done on time will help the movers get in and out of the community without hassle. 

    Plan on what you’re taking

    If you’ve been in the UAE for a few years, there is no doubt that you have accumulated some furniture and decorative goods. Keep in mind that houses and apartments tend to be smaller in the UK than what residents are used to in the UAE. 

    Plan on what you are taking and sell off or donate whatever does not make the cut. If you plan to move a car with you, keep in mind that the UK has right-hand drive and that you require special permits to move vehicles. Also, be mindful of added import tariffs and taxes so that you are not caught by any surprises during your move to the UK from the UAE. 

    Explore storage options

    It’s no secret that 2020 has been a year of many ups and downs. Between the global pandemic and shrinking economies, many people have lost jobs. But things are steadily picking up in the country and the region. If you think you might be returning to the UAE in the short or long term, you may want to explore storage options. 

    Not all storage facilities are equipped to handle delicate goods, so do your homework! Your personal items are safer and more secure with a climate-controlled, CCTV-monitored warehouse that can provide comprehensive insurance coverage and claim settlements. 

    Go with a professional packer

    Many international movers have cropped up in recent months to take advantage of stressed-out customers. You would think that choosing a qualified packer is an obvious point! However, many people moving from the UAE to the UK have fallen victim to moving companies who have little to no experience in the market. 

    Explore all options and choose a moving company that can ensure the requisite safety protocols when packing. Whilst COVID-19 cases are in decline in the UAE, your movers and packers need to be following all SOPs and safe social distancing measures. 

    Additionally, only a professional moving company will be able to insure and pack precious furniture pieces, like pianos and delicate china, for safe passage. Choosing the right moving company can make your move stress and hassle free and give you the peace of mind you need. 

    With decades of experience, GAC are one of the few health and safety certified moving companies in the country. We are also equipped to store and insure goods for short- and long-term hold. To find out how we can help you with a safe and stress-free move from the UAE to the UK, click here



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