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    Relocating? Here are some tips from a villa mover

    Nobody likes to move, especially if it’s between houses in the same city! In addition to a full-on school and work routine, there’s the added burden of sorting and planning things in advance. However, with so many choices in villas across Dubai, offering more competitive rental prices, it doesn’t make sense to let the fear of moving between villas deter you from a better deal. 

    Whether you’re moving down the road or to another community, here are a few tips to ensure a smooth and easy transition that doesn’t mess with your routine. 

    Engage a professional moving company

    No matter how tempted you are to skimp on hiring a professional villa mover – don’t! Ensuring that everything moves between villas safely without damage, means hiring professionals who are trained to pack quickly and effectively. Equally, hiring a professional company ensures that the job gets done on time and within your running schedule. Most professional villa movers also unpack everything at the other end, helping you carry heavy pieces to designated spots in the new villa. This means that you move houses, but are back on your feet as soon as possible. 


    You never really realise the value of something until it breaks at the hands of a careless mover. A professional moving company will ensure its staff is trained to handle fragile goods when packing and unpacking, but more so, they also insure your pieces against damage and loss. This way, the company takes on accountability for your goods. Insurance is most handy when moving pianos, fragile decorations, expensive art and mirrors, where even a little breakage is irreparable. A professional villa mover is trained on how to pack these pieces, advise insurance options and limits on these goods. Equally, always go with a company that is established, reputable and has a proven track record on settling on its claims – should it come to that!

    Proper packing

    Most house movers assume that moving between villas in a city doesn’t require the same level of care and attention to detail as an international move. While hanging clothes from cupboards can easily be carried across in mobile hangers, some goods and materials still require proper insulation and packing. For example, kitchen equipment, glassware and china all need to be packed securely but for quick transfer and unpacking. Pianos especially are tricky to pack and move, particularly when navigating potholes and speed bumps. A professional moving company will also ensure that they use recyclable materials, cleaning up on all cartons and paper once they unpack. 

    Take the stress away

    Moving within the city can sometimes be a far more stressful task than an international move. There’s still work and a running school routine the next morning (or after the weekend). Hiring professional packers and movers guarantees you a quick and stress-free move. Most communities require no-objection certificates, clearances and gate passes when moving out of, or into, a community or area. Professional packing companies, who have built a reputation for themselves are in-and-out of areas such as these all the time, know all the procedures and can take care of all the extra paperwork on your behalf, saving you on all the running around you would have to do yourself. 

    Equally, professional villa movers can recommend cleaning companies and painting crews should you need to have your vacating villa touched up or tidied when handing back to the owner. If you’re looking to downsize, finding out about possible storage for short-term, and long-term hold is also a good idea. 

    So if you are looking for trusted villa movers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the wider UAE and the Middle East,  contact us right away and we’ll come and help guide you before, during and after the move. 



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